Creating Committees to Help Your Board

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Your association board is a busy team of individuals. Not only is it responsible for making decisions for the Association but it must also put essential programs and improvements in place. The typical HOA Board consists of three to seven members who oversee the development of a community.

However, most of the time an association needs a little help in the form of committees. HOA committees are responsible for helping Board Members with various programs and tasks. Committees come in two forms; ad hoc (short-term committees) and standing (long-term committees).

Here’s an overview of what committees can help with, how to form them, and what their limitations are.

Determine The Type of Committee You Need

There are several different types of committees that your association can organize and form. Remember, not everyone on the board is going to be an expert at everything, so committee formation is essential to your neighborhood’s success.

Some of the most common committees include:

  • Finance & Audit
  • Architechtrual
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Social Media
  • Document Amendment
  • Parking

Really, any aspect of your community that requires the touch of an expert or additional support for it to be beneficial can be positively impacted by the formation of a strong committee.

Finding Your Committee Members

No matter the job for the committee, your association must make it a priority to only have the most qualified members behind the scenes. Treat the advertisement of your committee with the same air as a job listing. Wherever you decide to advertise for the roles you need, make sure to include:

  • The responsibilities that come with the committee
  • Preferred experience for applicants
  • The roles of the committee members within the HOA

Does a Committee Have Restrictions?

Yes, committee members are essential to the community and board as a whole, however, every committee has its restrictions. The role of a committee is to research and advise a board on actions it should take. It is not allowed to make official decisions for the community, that responsibility is almost always still the Board’s.

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